Who am I? This is a difficult question. I had and still have many roles in this play of life: woman, wife, mother, employee, friend, relative and many more. Deep in my heart I'm still a child. Be my friend! Friendship is one of the biggest present can be handed.

This site is made as a home of music fanvids I've edited since August 2007, when I started to make music videos - mainly in SG-1 and SGA (and a few other, e.g. BBC Merlin) fandoms. Enjoy! Any feedback is appreciated. :)

Disclaimer: The footage and music in the videos are property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is implied. These videos were created for love and for pure entertainment purposes only.
I truly believe I don't harm anyone using them.

Please, don't upload these vids to YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, or any other website or file sharing service without my consent. Thank you!

With love: Valika :)